Chirashi.  Better Than Poke


The Hawaiians have Poke...

We have Chirashi.  It's like Poke, but with more fish as an ingredient.  Poke generally tends to be lathered with sauce.  We serve ours with a pinch of sesame oil, and our secret spicy sauce on the side.  The key to our Chirashi bowl is allowing our patrons to taste our high quality ingredients- Poke bowls are known to include lower quality fish scraps disguised with the aid of sauces.  

Now, it may sound like we're bashing Poke bowls.  We are.  Chirashi is healthier, includes substantially more protein, higher quality, and more authentic.  

For a limited time, use PROMOCODE: "DK4PRESIDENT" to try our Chirashi Bowl during lunch hours (11:30AM - 2:30PM) on Weekdays* for only $10.

Ordering for the office?  Subscribe to our weekly delivery (5 Chirashi Bowls or more).  Call (732) 536-7874 to place a delivery order.  If you need the bowls before 11:30AM, call us.  We're flexible. 


*Take-out only.  Offer valid only for a limited time.  Price subject to change.