Lunch Specials

Sushi isn't just for fancy occasions.  Take a break from your day, and relax inside our 4-walls where you'll be served the finest selection of rolls, nigiri, or sashimi at an unbeatable price.  Our zen atmosphere will help you unwind from a hectic morning, and our tea will give you the extra oomph to deal with your annoying boss.

Don't like raw fish?  We'd be foolish not to include some popular items from our fantastic kitchen.  Our Bento boxes have all bases covered.  Choose from beef, chicken, or shrimp as your main course.  We'll throw in some vegetable tempura & house salad (your spouse will be glad you had a serving of veggies for lunch), a California roll, Miso soup, and rice.  If that's not enough, the pork gyoza included should fill you up nicely.  All Bento boxes are under $15.  

And don't forget about our Chirashi Salad Bowls ($12)*.  With an assortment of 5 different sashimi, greens, crabmeat, rice, and love, it's the best deal we offer.  It's like a Pokebowl... but Pokebowls are for kids.  Welcome to the big leagues.


*Free Miso for Dine-In Customers w/ purchase of Chirashi Salad Bowl.