Sauces Available at your local Grocery Store

Due to popular demand, we have no choice but to produce our homemade sauces at scale.  We will soon launch 4 sauces to start.  Look for us at Whole Foods, A&P, and Shop Rite Winter 2018.  For now, purchase at Arisu.

SPECIAL:  All In-Store purchases will come with $1.50 off refills FOR LIFE.


Spicy Mayo

Spicy Mayo isn't just for Sushi.  Put it in your next burger, or eat your french fries with our Signature Spicy Mayo.  Come up with your own crazy recipe, and make sure to use Spicy Mayo.  That's what real winners do.


Carrot Ginger Dressing

Our famous Carrot Ginger Salad Dressing.  Pro Tip:  Add a tad of garlic flakes on top of your dressing, along with this sauce, and you'll want to eat your veggies every day.  0% Fat, so you know it's healthy.


Teriyaki Sauce

Pair it with chicken.  Add it to your broccoli stir-fry.  Pour a little with your next Ramen.


Kalbi Marinade

Perfect for any beef.  Get that sweet, tangy, juicy Korean BBQ flavor.  Marinate your next steak with this sauce and be the hero at your next BBQ