3 Main Sushi Categories

Let's get a couple of common misconceptions out of the way.  When your friends say "I want sushi," they aren't really being that specific, but we kinda know what they mean.  You see, sushi can be categorized into these 3 sub-categories.  These are the various forms that sushi can take.



Sushi grade fresh raw fish (generally) sitting on top a ball of sushi rice.  Great for the minimalists who would rather appreciate the delicate taste of just 2 main ingredients.



Simply put, Sashimi is sushi grade fresh raw fish sliced into thin pieces.  Our lowest carb count offering.  Great for those watching their carbs, and for those who just want the protein. 

 All Rolled Up

All Rolled Up


9 times out of 10, this is what the aforementioned rhetorical "friends" may mean when he/she says "sushi."  

Now, we can further break down "rolls" into 3 other form factors:

  1. maki: seaweed outside
  2. uramaki: seaweed inside
  3. temaki: cone/handroll

But, let's not be pedantic and agree to just call them "rolls" for now.