Formerly Known as "ARISU," The Han River brought Sushi to All of Asia


South Korean origins

In 2002, Owner & Operator James Yun escaped the hustle & bustle of NYC life to share his love for Japanese Cuisine.  His first Japanese restaurant (KOBE) in Holmdel, NJ was a huge success.  In 2009, KOBE relocated and re-branded to Arisu Japanese Cuisine.  This time around, James wanted to incorporate his native roots, South Korea, into the new restaurant.  While the restaurant specializes in Japanese Cuisine, James was adamant in naming this new restaurant "Arisu" as an ode to his past.  

"Arisu," directly translated as "The Big River," was the 5th century name given to the Han River in South Korea.  Filled with history, this single river was (and still is) a major source of trade.  During this time, when the Han River river was colloquially known as "Arisu," South Koreans began their voyage along this natural resource to ultimately spread South Korean culture across Japan.  The sharing of cultures has always been mutual for both countries, and inevitably, the world of Sushi was first brought outside Japan.  So you see, this single river was largely responsible for the proliferation of Sushi. 

James' life motto has always been "you never know..."  Maybe this river can bring worlds together, you never know.  Maybe a 24 year old can move to America and embrace the Land of Opportunity, you never know.  Or just maybe a journey itself can lead to new and different beginnings, you never know.  

Say anything to what life has to offer.  But, never "No."